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About me

Welcome to my new website. For many years I have published my photography solely via the social media channels. But it is time to strengthen the old roots and to bundle everything in one place again - linked to the existing social media offers.

What have I got in mind? To publish my previous photos here, to be on the road with my camera much more, to take new pictures and what's new, to give support to the future photographers among you. Therefore I will explain and show you the main features of photography in small lessons. Of course this does not mean that I cannot learn a lot about photography myself. But I think that in the beginning it is important to build up basic knowledge. Everything further comes automatically, with the experiences that each of us makes - for a lifetime.

My site is not about promoting anything to make money. Photography is my hobby, an expensive hobby. If I get a few bucks out of it, that's great (though far from being cost-covering), but not the reason why I take pictures. If you want to use my photos for private purposes (free of charge), just ask me, in most cases I should not mind. On the contrary, I am happy if you like the photos so much that you want to use them. But please don't do this unasked, it's simply a question of respect!

I would describe myself as an ambitious hobby photographer. I was born in June 1978 in Hamburg in northern Germany. Today I live west of Berlin in the beautiful Havelland. I bought my first DSLR in 2006 and this was the beginning to professionalize my hobby. For me photography is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Therefore my main focus is landscape photography, but I also like to try my hand at other genres. Currently I use a Canon 5D Mark III and various accessories from Canon. However, I often get great photo motives if I don't have my photo equipment with me. Fortunately, there are smartphones for this purpose nowadays, which meanwhile provide quite acceptable results. Even if there is no way around a DSLR or system camera for professional photos.

A very special thanks to my wife Doreen, who always motivates me to continue my hobby, even if time is often missing and who let me go travelling or came along (Scotland :-)).
I would also like to thank my friends Christine and Martin Büchler, without them I would not be where I am today. Both of them have made great trips and motivated others (including me) to come along. I hope that some day we will be able to do it again, in former constellations, to go on an adventure trip together (the term was simply very appropriate for Iceland in Winter ).

Please note that every photo on my site is protected by copyright and may not be copied or used without my permission.