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Deer at Darßer Ort

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I was on the Darß on the weekend. I'm not really satisfied with the result, but actually the experience itself is what made it all worthwhile.

Get up at 4:00 am, drive one hour from the accommodation, continue by bike through the dark forest (the destination is not accessible by car or on foot). Then we were waiting for sunrise and watch the salt marshes carefully and with concentration. At first we heard the echoing rutting cries of the deer and can only guess where they are. Through binoculars or a zoom lens we were able to watch them wading through the water, calling and fighting. Then not only the rutting cries but also the banging of the antlers, which are beating each other, echo through the landscape. A great experience!

Photographically my problem was probably the distance of the animals, they were still too far away to photograph them in sufficient size. With my 400mm focal length I can't get far there. I will probably have to buy an extender to get to a maximum of 800mm. Apart from that animal photography is not really part of my playground so far. 🙂

All in all a great experience, which I also recommend to every non-photographer. A great atmosphere!